Excellence in Architecture: a critical case study

Model of Fredrick’s House, Jamberoo, Australia by Pritzker Award Winner Architect Glenn Murcutt (part model- openable)

As an assignment,  I work on the project done by Architect Glenn Murcutt, who specializes in the designing houses in Australia to the perfection. These are single elegant and environment friendly buildings. In the end of detailed case study, MDF laser cut model was prepared for the same.

I had published this research work in a book format named, ‘Critical Case Studies In Architecture: Fredrick’s House, Australia – Glenn Murcutt and, Parekh House, India – Charles Correa’.



Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.

Chittorgarh in Rajasthan, India, as a destination selected for the council trip by Council of M.Arch at Cept University. A two day’s trip filled with marvelous experience of fun and architecture with my dear young friends. Sharing architectural moments with all smile.



Kolkata Wetlands: Ramsar Site. Winter School 2016.

I enrolled for Winter School 2016 program at CEPT University ‘Kolkata Wetlands: Ramsar site’. This piece of land is an important part of the infrastructure of Kolkata. What does it do? Ok. It acts as ecological sanitation for the Kolkata city. This beautiful land cleans sewage of the Kolkata city. It cleans

the grey water by natural process of fishing and farming. The city’s garbage is dumped into land-fill site located here. It supports garbage farming and recycling of waste. This supplies food to the city at low price. Generates employment for lots of people. We, the students enjoyed and learnt a lot while working……Sharing some moments.



Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India. 25-26 Dec’17

Photography muse

Posh Mela & Deer Park

with Sunita Dhote, Pankaj Dhote and Agastya Dhote

Moments are precious. In moments, we interact with lot of colours. Colours of man-made world and nature, both bring pleasure, smile and create memory. See world of endeavoring journey made on Royal Enfield from Kolkata to Shantiniketan, West Bengal.

Posh mela captured during night as well as daytime. Deer Park, a nature’s intimacy.

@ Posh mela
Immense strength in these ropes

Posh Mela, Shantiniketan, WB. India. Dec’16

Deer Prak, Shantiniketan, WB. India. Dec’16

Sunita Dhote (Architect)